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ELD Compliance

2018 Summertime CVSA Roadcheck Enforcement: Are You Ready?

May 10, 2018


Yes, it’s all been leading up to something.


Since going live in December of 2017, a three-month pause was placed on serious enforcement of the ELD mandate. Authorities gave the industry time to adapt and face the inevitable. On April 1st, officers were able to start issuing real tickets.


It’s all been leading up to a serious enforcement effort to kick off the new age of HOS tracking. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has set June 5-6 for this year’s International Roadcheck.


Are you and your truck ready for inspection?


Inspection Time

CVSA is a North American non-profit organization comprising over 4,000 state and local police, regulators, and industry officials in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Each year since 1988, the CVSA has set aside one special enforcement period each year to focus on a specific issue affecting commercial vehicle safety. Each of those years, they’ve reported massive numbers of violations among the trucks and drivers stopped and inspected.


In 2017, a total of 62,013 trucks were stopped between June 6–8, with a focus on equipment violations. Of the vehicles inspected, 19.4% were placed out of service for serious equipment failures or improper load securement. Of the drivers questioned, 4.7% were cited for violations like having the wrong class of license or log book violations.


In 2018, the Roadcheck will focus on — you guessed it — HOS violations. Given that most over-the-road trucks are now in-scope for the ELD mandate, that means the Roadcheck will be looking for data from your in-cab ELD or AOBRD.


Get Ready — Here it Comes

The message: It’s high time to get ready to be stopped and inspected.


Having a working ELD is a great start and puts you ahead of the game. However, it’s equally important to be ready to prove it’s working and being used properly.


That means you should be ready to transfer data on demand. Data transfer is a good thing to practice before it’s necessary. Knowing how to access and transfer logs off your ELD can shorten your roadside stop and get you back in the action quickly.


Also note, the FMCSA requires each driver  to provide a driver card and instruction manual for the ELD to law enforcement at the time of a roadside inspection. This card will show the officer how to begin inspecting the drivers logs.


Keeping your logs up to date with correct annotations should go without saying. Knowing what officially constitutes “adverse conditions” and “personal conveyance” will help answer any questions from your friendly transit enforcement officer during the Roadcheck.


We’re Here to Help

If you haven’t rolled out an ELD system yet, let CyntrX give you a hand. Our affordable and easy-to-implement system meets all FMCSA standards, and it can do much more than just keep you compliant. Learn more here or request a demo and see our ELD in action.


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