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CyntrX Xtra: The Next Evolution of Telematics - Press Release

June 18, 2019



News Release

For Immediate Release           

June 18, 2019           


Contact: Lisa Taisto

(920) 338-0479



CyntrX Xtra: The Next Evolution of Telematics


De Pere, Wisconsin -- CyntrX is proud to announce Xtra, a full-featured suite of telematics and fleet tracking capabilities that combine to unlock the inherent power of telematics by providing our partners with unparalleled reporting, analytics, and business intelligence that drive true ROI on their fleet telematics initiatives.


Telematics devices are becoming ubiquitous, and the amount of data they generate is enormous. But without appropriate reporting and analytics on top of the data they are of little use to the end users that need insight into the data more than they need a simple collection of data points. CyntrX Xtra was built to provide those insights to users, and thus to give them better business intelligence and fleet management tools.


Greg Taisto, President and CEO of CyntrX, is excited about Xtra and the capabilities it affords to customers -- and the results that CyntrX customers are already seeing.


“The Xtra platform was designed to provide users with quick access, visibility, and analytics of their entire fleet through dynamic dashboards,” said Taisto. “What used to take hours of research is now delivered in just a few clicks.”


Kim Nielson, Sales Account Executive at CyntrX, has likewise already seen the power that Xtra is unlocking for CyntrX customers.


“Quick visibility of actionable information has proven powerful throughout our customers’ organizations,” said Nielson. “Truck diagnostic dashboards have given service departments power over downtime, inventory dashboards keep billing teams always in the know, and scorecards and monthly vehicle reports have enabled fleet managers to make more informed decisions -- and thus to reduce costs across their fleets.”


About CyntrX


CyntrX is a telematics and fleet tracking solutions company with many years of experience in providing event-based tracking, reporting, and analytics to national, regional, and local fleets. With a customer-first emphasis that matches CyntrX technologies to customer needs, CyntrX is a trusted solutions provider for fleets across the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit www.cyntrx.com