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ELD Fuel Tax Integration: More Mojo Per Mile

March 13, 2019


With the exception of AOBRDs, ELD has been the law of the land for a while now – and the AOBRD exemption is coming to an end this December.


We’ve written before in general terms why smart fleet managers are making the change from AOBRD to ELD before the deadline – both for the ROI that can be realized from ELD, as well as time-driven reasons why ELD planning should start now for fleets that need to make the change from AOBRDs.


In line with these solid reasons to switch, we’d like to take this opportunity to give you some detail on just one of the reasons why CyntrX should be at the top of your list when you’re considering your ELD options – and it has to do with the value that we add to our ELD offerings by helping fleet managers with one of their biggest headaches: Collecting fuel receipts from drivers, and then calculating the fuel tax owed against those receipts.


If you’re a fleet manager, you probably know all too well how easy it is for drivers to misplace their receipts – and also are likely to know the pain of having to manually parse those receipts and enter all of the relevant information yourself. Fortunately, our ELD solution now simplifies the entire process for you, from start to finish.


Our ELD mobile applications now have functionality that allows drivers to use their device to take a picture of their receipts, and then enter the relevant information – gallons, total cost, odometer reading, etc. – directly into the app. It’s a simple process, and it removes the burden from the drivers of having to make sure that they collect up all of their paper receipts, store them all properly, and hand them all in. 


ELD Driver Fuel Receipts Menu



Instead, both the receipt image and its data are stored locally on the device as well as sent to the admin portal.


ELD Driver Fuel Receipt Image 

And because the receipts and the data are stored in the portal, the burden of processing those receipts is also removed from fleet managers. Instead of painstakingly going through each receipt and entering fuel amounts and costs, fleet managers can instead simply run the Fuel and Mileage report from their portal. Even better, the Fuel and Mileage report is completely customizable: Users can choose fuel types, date range, and units of measure – and then export to a PDF or spreadsheet for ease of use.


Fleet manager export of ELD Fuel and Mileage Report

Aside from the ease of exporting the report exactly as they need it, the information contained in the report is also designed to make a fleet manager’s busy day a little better by providing an easy to reference, line-by-line breakout of important information. State, fuel type, total miles, and taxable miles are all displayed – as are the taxable gallons of fuel, along with the taxable gallons you’ve already paid and the amount, if any, that’s due.


ELD Fuel and Mileage Report


Our new fuel tax integration is just one of the ways that we make life easier for our ELD and fleet manager customers. If you’re a current CyntrX ELD customer and would like more information or help on using the fuel tax functionality, don’t hesitate to call us at (920) 338-0479 or shoot us an email at care@cyntrx.com.


If you’re looking to make the switch to CyntrX ELD, we invite you to check out the resources linked to at the start of this article, and then request your free, no-obligation demo of our ELD Pro solution. You’ll be glad you did – and on the road to both compliance and savings.


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