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Five Hidden Costs in Fleet Management Solutions

February 15, 2018


If you’ve recently made the decision to join the fleet management revolution, congratulations! You’re on the road towards increased efficiency, safety, and profitability.


It’s a great time to choose a solution. Many sound choices are available. However, one bit of old advice still holds true: Let the buyer beware. If you look closely enough, you’ll find some hidden costs in fleet management solutions.


We’ve provided five questions to ask your potential fleet tracking provider to make sure you get the most for your money, with no nasty surprises, in this crowded marketplace.


What’s Installation Like?

A typical GPS tracking device or ELD can be installed in 45 minutes or so. But it can sometimes take much longer. The purveyors of the harder-to-install fleet tracking systems may not mention installation as part of their costs.


Seek the vendor who’s up-front about installation requirements and costs.


Is Extra Hardware Required?

Some vendors don’t mention a cable is required for installation. With others, it’s a mounting bracket or an adapter. Does that low-cost solution include everything necessary for a quality install? Will you receive a box with everything needed to get on the road? If not, what’s the cost of the extras?


How Many Users Allowed?

Basic monthly prices often cover only a very basic configuration with a single user. If you’re an owner-operator who works solo, that price might be valid. If you’re running a larger operation with multiple drivers and an office staff consisting of a dispatcher, accountant, and manager, the costs can spiral.


Make sure you confirm how many users you’ll need. Ask if the quote includes enough accounts to meet your needs.


What About Training?

Your fleet tracking solution should be simple to activate and use. Ease-of-use should be among your top priorities in making your fleet tracking choice. However, that doesn’t mean training won’t be required. Some fleet tracking vendors offer training separately. That can drive up costs. Trying to go without training can make users bitter and jeopardize the success of your project and risk compliance fines.


Seek out the fleet tracking solution with training for both drivers and back-office employees. Make sure it’s part of the deal.


How About Support?

Fleet tracking solutions rely on software that might need frequent updates to keep up with the changing firmware in your truck’s ECM (Engine Control Module), wireless network changes, and integration with your back-office accounting programs. Most updates should be included as part of your agreement with your fleet tracking provider, with no extra costs beyond your monthly fee.


In addition, hardware support is occasionally required. What provision does your fleet tracking vendor provide for fast-shipping a replacement unit? What level of warranty is provided for your tracking devices?


Find the Right Solution

There’s a right solution for your fleet tracking needs. It includes everything you need to get compliant and get on the road. It comes with all the user access you need to run your operation, and training and support are included as part of your low monthly fee — all with no contracts. If you want an example of what an excellent value in a full fleet tracking solution looks like, get more information at CyntrX.



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