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FMCSA Trucking Safety Summit 2020: Technology

August 7, 2020


CyntrX attended this week’s FMCSA Safety Summit and were intrigued with the presentation from Richard Beyer, Vice President, Engineering and R&D for Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC and Richie W. Huang, Executive Manager, Advanced safety Systems and Autonomous Driving for Daimler Trucks, North America. Rounding out the panel was a technology user from one of America’s top fleets, Greer Woodruff of JB Hunt. Driver assistance features that were only found in high end automobiles a few years ago are now finding their way into Class 6 to 8 trucks. We have all come to appreciate these systems with adaptive cruise control, automatics electric braking (AEB), lane departure warnings and blind spot detection. AEB systems are now in over 70% of large fleet operators inventories. As these trucks are entering the used market, even small fleets can start to see the benefits. Richard Beyer commented that “AEB penetration is at 40- 50% of new vehicle sales.” Richie Huang added “crashes happen, what we’re building is a supplementary system that assists an active, engaged driver to reduce rear end collisions.”


Greer Woodruff, Sr, VP of JB Hunt shared the experience of a 6 million-mile, outstanding driver where a momentary lapse while he was fumbling with coffee could have been an accident that caused liability and downtime. Instead he recovered quickly and kept his schedule. Over 84% of the JB Hunt Fleet is equipped with forward-looking camera systems and lane departure warning systems. Recorded video and instant replay with a cellular internet connection are a valuable coaching tool. “It’s like a professional athlete reviewing game film,” said Greer. It makes a great driver even better. Aftermarket telematics and video systems help collect active and passive data to help promote safety.


Greer said, “these systems have an immediate ROI.” CyntrX can help your feet with aftermarket video and telematics systems. Call our technical experts at CyntrX for an immediate safety boost for your fleet.