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Get to Know CyntrX: ELD Compliance Expertise

May 28, 2019


At CyntrX, we pride ourselves on our technology and our years of successful telematics experience. But all of that telematics and technological expertise is useless without another of our core beliefs: That we should always be delivering exceptional value to our fleet tracking, fleet management, and ELD customers. 

dylan-williams-cyntrx-eldAnd one of the ways we do that is by ensuring that our ELD platform is always capable of keeping fleets and drivers in full compliance. Beyond that, though, ELD is just technology -- it takes the drivers and fleet managers knowing how to use that technology, and putting it into daily practice, to truly guarantee ELD compliance.


With that in mind, please give a warm welcome to Dylan Williams, our ELD Compliance Supervisor. Dylan works closely with our customers to ensure that they're getting the most out of their ELD systems, and that they're always in compliance. Whenever a customer has an ELD question, he's there with the answer -- making him a truly valuable not only to us, but to our customers, as well.


Q. Describe your role at CyntrX in three words.
A. Educate, Absorb & Simplify.


Q. What does a typical day look like for you?
A. A typical day consists of guiding drivers and fleet managers through performing log modifications, while observing Hours-of-Service Compliance, educating drivers and administrators on “how to avoid” errors in the future and training drivers on the proper use of the CyntrX ELD Pro Application. I am also tirelessly researching Federal, State and Provincial regulations and communicating my findings to others within the company, to ensure that the CyntrX Team is able to field, address and resolve virtually any inquiry or situation that a Professional in the Transportation Industry may encounter.

With over 170 different “flavors” of ELDs on the market today, even State Patrol Agencies and Inspectors face challenges, due to the intricacies of ELDs, how they function and how drivers tend to interact with them. I am currently gathering feedback from individuals within the Law Enforcement Community as well as our very own customers and relaying this information to Development, in hopes of Enhancing the CyntrX ELD Pro Application even more.

Eventually, I have hopes of being able to further educate Agencies and Inspectors in an effort to ensure that they are able to review the Drivers’ logs with greater accuracy. If they have a better understanding of the application too, this will ultimately result in fewer violations that may have been “open to interpretation” in the past.

Q. What's the most common challenge your customers face?
A. There is definitely a learning curve that exists when introducing new technology to an established industry.  Certain behaviors that may have been considered “common practice” in the past are now accurately documented and can no longer take place.  It’s up to the CyntrX team and the carriers to work together and educate everyone involved, to avoid practices and mistakes that could result in violations or lost time.


Q. What is something you learned in the last week?
A. I have learned that Law Enforcement Officials have been subject to the same learning curve that drivers and carriers have experienced, since last April when enforcement began in earnest.


Q. What is most rewarding about your job? What makes it all worthwhile?
A. I never know what challenges I’m going to face each day when I walk through the doors.  I just try to attack each day, project, e-mail and phone call with the same intensity and passion that I put forth as an athlete (in my younger days).

Q. What's been one of your proudest moments?
A. I was once faced with a particularly “challenging” driver when I first joined the Compliance Department.  His Supervisor even warned me about him and wished me good luck in a very skeptical tone.  Two days after an hour-long, one-on-one phone call, the driver was performing every task outlined in the training session.  Prior to the call, we received multiple calls per day from that driver.  Since the call (almost a year ago), I have only heard from him twice.


Q. What's one thing about you few people know?
A. I can write a poem, song or rap about virtually any subject.


Q. What is your personal motto or mantra?
A. “It ain’t got no gas in it.” Just kidding… it's “Never Stop Learning.”



At CyntrX, we love meeting the needs of our ELD customers -- and it's people like Dylan who make it happen for them on a daily basis.


If you're interested in finding out more about ELD or any of our commercial-vehicle telematics and fleet tracking and management solutions, backed by world-class technology solutions, it's easy: Just request a demo and we'll be happy to discuss your fleet challenges and how CyntrX can help you meet them.


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