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Idealease Best Practices Roundup

July 9, 2019


To begin, we’re grateful to everyone that stopped by to see us at Idealease’s 2019 Best Practices meeting. CyntrX is always looking to continually excel in identifying and meeting the needs of our customers and partners, and hearing from them directly is a great way to get immediate feedback on our current service offerings, as well as immensely helpful in figuring out our roadmap for future development so that we can always be offering the products and services that fleets actually need.


Aside from the opportunities to truly listen to current and potential customers, our attendance at shows like Idealease Best Practices also gives us that chance to let everyone know what we’re up to, what the current and future telematics landscape looks like, and how fleets can best position themselves to truly leverage technology in ways that will cut costs and drive ROI through better business intelligence (BI) and the informed decision-making that BI empowers.


CyntrX CEO Greg Taisto presents at Idealease Best PracticesTo that end, our President and CEO, Greg Taisto, was given the chance to present at this year’s Best Practices meeting. Greg’s presentation dealt with CyntrX’s deep integration with Navistar’s OCC system, but also explored the ways in which our CyntrX Xtra platform adds enormous value on top of OCC.


Xtra is a comprehensive suite of tracking, reporting, and analytics tools that provide the BI capabilities discussed above. Instead of simply just plotting dots on a map, Xtra provides interactive and customizable dashboards that give fleet managers and executives the information they need, in real time. 


This is particularly important for driving ROI through telematics, because the amount of telematics data generated by a fleet is staggering, and the minutiae not particularly relevant (or even understandable) at a high level. Thus, Xtra provides a simplified view of a fleet that turns all of that data into information that’s actually useful -- and that means that for the fleet managers and executives that need to make informed decisions, there are only ever a few, simple steps to gaining powerful insights into their fleets.


CyntrX Xtra is an add-on for OCC that provides great value -- but it’s important to stress that the power of Xtra isn’t only for OCC. Indeed, it’s a core part of the way that our platform is built, and it’s available to all of our customers and partners. If you’d like to see for yourself what Xtra looks like in action, use the button below to request your demo.


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