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If It Moves, Track It: The Importance of Asset Tracking in Trucking

June 6, 2018



Cargo theft has been a problem as long as cargo has existed. Lately, thieves have gotten far more sophisticated. They’ve adopted technology in a big way, using the Internet, data hacks, and even drones in their efforts to divert cargo for illegal profit.


Loads once considered safe from pilferage are suddenly disappearing left and right. Think that load of walnuts is safe? Think again. As another consequence of advanced technology and data networking, TVs, computers, and other traditionally high-value stolen goods can be tracked after the theft. Nuts, asparagus, and ears of corn can’t.


Thus, asset tracking has moved from the category of nice-to-have to need-to-have, and rather quickly.


The general rule: If it can move (or be moved), track it.


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Virtual Lockdown

The latest asset tracking solutions can do more than “ping.” A full-featured system tracks the location of the truck, trailer, or other vehicle and reports it to dispatch in real time. But most trailers don’t need to be tracked so closely. Thus, a geofence can be established. Once the trailer is taken beyond an established “zone,” an alarm can alert dispatch of the variance.

Modern GPS asset trackers feature long-lasting batteries that can provide tracking for years, even without a recharge. Thieves can’t just wait for it to go “dead.”


Advanced Mode

Asset tracking is one aspect of telematics — and an essential one. A good asset tracking program will allow integration with the other capabilities of a full telematics solution. Are certain trailers getting used more than others, and if so, why? Do some require more attention/service than others? When integrated with telematics and a full fleet management solution, these questions become not only reasonable, but essential.


Get In On the Action

If you’re looking for an asset GPS tracking solution that does more than “ping,” but one that really helps protect and manage your fleet in a way that increases profitability and prevents loss, consider CyntrX. We can provide the asset tracking that can not only keep the bad guys at bay, but help the good guys do better.


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