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ELD Compliance

CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week Results

September 4, 2020



Throughout the year, the CVSA works to improve safety and lower accidents on the roadways of the United States, Mexico, and Canada by hosting several events in partnership with local law enforcement agencies. Each event focuses on an aspect of overall roadway safety and places special emphasis on certain details and categories. Brake Safety Week just wrapped up this past weekend while the previously postponed International Roadcheck will begin next week. Operation Safe Driver Week was held in July and the CVSA has just released the results.


The goal of the CVSA is to reduce accident-causing hazards by focusing on the top contributing factors. These include speeding, distracted driving, fatigue and driving under the influence. This year, the focus was on speeding, identified by the FMCSA as the leading cause of all CMV and passenger vehicle crashes. According to the data released by the CVSA, speeding was also the top violation, making up about 50% of both warnings and citations given. Out of the 6,077 warnings, 3,423 were for speeding and of the 4,659 citations issued, 2,339 of them were speed related. Other top violations were for failure to wear a seat belt, failure to obey a traffic control device, distracted driving with a handheld device and improper lane change.


Speed monitoring and safety should always be on the forefront of a driver’s mind, not only does it reduce the risk of a fatal crash but also helps to improve the business financially. Proper vehicle maintenance and speed control leads to fewer repair costs, lower fuel cost, lower citation costs and greater efficiency. Full compliance also leads to a higher CSA score, which in return lowers the cost of insurance. Fleets with lower safety scores have much higher insurance premiums and can run the risk of losing coverage completely.


CynytX helps safety managers by providing a full suite of fleet awareness products including ELD, in-cab video, refrigerated transport monitoring and fleet tracking with speed alerts and geofencing.