Frequently Asked Questions

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How does CyntrX® work?

Using Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) and cellular technology, CyntrX® is able to located and report the location of your vehicle.

How do I locate and map my vehicle's location?

Map your vehicle's location following these steps.
Video Demo

How do I create, save and/or schedule a report?

Create a report using these steps.
Video Demo

How does the geo-fence work?

The geo-fence feature is designed to show users a user defined location/area versus the street address. When a report is processed, the geo-fence will show the “name” along with the address if the vehicle was inside the defined area.

How do I create a geo-fence?

Discover how to create a geo-fence in a few simple steps. 
Video Demo

How do I get more detailed support for Speed Gauge™?

Please use the following URL to get direct support from Speed Gauge.
SpeedGauge Help

How do I setup a Preventive Maintenance (PM) Profile?

Use this document to setup and configure a Preventive Maintenance (PM).
Setting Up a PM

What is contained in a PM Profile?

This document outlines a few pre-defined PM Profiles from other customers.
CyntrX PM Profile Document

What is the coverage area?

Click a provider to open a map.

What browsers are supported?

Browsers Supported: Chrome (V35+), FireFox (V33+), and IE (V9+)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 and 8

What do the different Status Codes in the Location Center mean?

Alert Battery = power has been lost to the unit
Lost Power = power has been lost to the unit
Disconnected = power has been lost to the unit
Hibernating = Device is “sleeping”. In this state, the device is offline (cannot ping).
Watch Start = the vehicle left a location
Watch Stop = the vehicle has arrived at a location
Watch Moving = the vehicle is moving, this occurs after a start event was processed
Alert Speeding = the vehicle has exceeded the speed threshold
Vehicle Located = a manual locate of the vehicle was sent and the location was successfully returned

The latest generation of CyntrX devices also includes an advanced 3-axis auto-calibrating accelerometer dedicated, to monitoring harsh Hard Acceleration, Hard Braking and Hard Cornering events.


Technical Description
An event is generated when the threshold of .3 g-force for a minimum of one second is achieved. This threshold applies to acceleration, braking and cornering events.

My devices are not reporting to OnCommand Connection.

Use this document to troubleshoot any devices not reporting to OCC.
Troubleshooting a device.