Fleet Tracking White Papers

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eBook: What to Know About CanAm ELD Deadlines

The clock is ticking on both Canadian ELD and the sunsetting of AOBRD in the United States. Get this free eBook and learn the facts about Canadian and U.S. ELD, how to plan for ELD, why switching pre-deadline makes financial sense, and real-world scenarios that transform ELD from a cost center into a cost-saver and generate true fleet ROI.

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Case Study: CyntrX Generates 400% ROI for Direct Store Delivery Fleet

CyntrX helped this national, direct store delivery fleet dramatically lower its fuel costs and accident rates, which in turn generated a 400% ROI. Read more in this free case study.

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2020 Fleet Tracking Solutions Buyer's Guide

Fleet tracking platforms that offer little more than dots on a map are missing out on the huge ROI that a robust telematics solution should be bringing to your fleet. Get this free Guide, and learn about the features you should look as you consider your fleet tracking solution options.

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Free eBook: Beyond Location: Six Must-Have Integrations for your GPS Tracking Platform

Every fleet manager knows there's value in their fleet's location data. But beyond location, there's a variety of integrations to fleet tracking platforms that can increase efficiency and help drive ROI. Get this free eBook to find out more.

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Cost Center or Cost Savings? What to Look For in an ELD Solution

Get this free white paper for information on what ELD requires by regulation -- and what you can do with ELD that will turn it from a cost center into quick ROI on your ELD investment.

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