Most businesses have sample testimonials as a reflection of customer satisfaction. But, there’s satisfaction, and there’s outright enthusiasm and excitement.

When you build a business like CyntrX™ fleet tracking around simplicity of use, return on investment and profit-building information, it’s gratifying to have customers writing to express their enthusiastic appreciation for the services we promise to deliver.

We hope reading the comments below from excited customers who are already enjoying the huge benefits of our system will help convince you to try the fleet tracking simplicity of CyntrX™ for yourself.

I fell in love with how easy and friendly the product is to use. The reports are immediate and useful and we have won contracts using CyntrX. Accountability is the final word I have for the system. This is not a sales pitch for Cyntrx, try it yourself and see.

James “Perk” Perkins Fleet Operations, Superior Steel (Atterbery)

We have been working with Cyntrx for 4 years. The product delivers what they say it will. The website management is simple. The support staff are great to work with. I just described the dream vendor!

Kris Almquist VP, Fleet Operations, Stage Call, (RWC)

We’re really satisfied. The on board driver logs are great and our drivers have accepted the ease of use. We have improved our reporting and reduced the time it takes to pull reports. When we have been pulled over, the officers checked the CyntrX system and let our drivers go on their way. It was that easy.

John Grossman Director of Operations, Zidian (Cerni)

Another story for you…. reading my fuel economy reports which are derived from fuel purchased on our WEX cards I had a branch that had the worst fuel economy of almost any plant. Looking at just the fuel economy you would think these guys were the worst drivers in our fleet. After a really close look during my visit last week we find the drivers are 45-50% utilizing cruise, less than 5% over 66+MPH, shifting 70-80% under 1500 RPMs, less than 5 seconds a week in hard braking and some were even better! The culprit… idle as they’re sleeping in their trucks 4-5 nights a week which is rare for our fleet. Solution is APUs for every truck which we will be replacing one this year and two more in the next 1-2 years. Payback.. I’m estimating at over $2,400 per year (after payback on APU). This will save us roughly $10K a year once we get all 4 trucks equipped properly!

Mike Wilson VP of Operations, Metal Sales (UHL)