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Fleet Tracking Resource Rundown

February 20, 2020


It's true in many distinct ways that knowledge is power -- and with the wide variety of resources we have for fleet managers and executives, we're giving you the power to optimize fleet efficiency, gain actionable business intelligence, and grow your fleet's ROI on its tracking and telematics initiatives. So if you haven't visited our resource pages before, be sure you check out each of these sections -- because knowledge truly is power.


Fleet Tracking and Telematics White Papers

 cyntrx-white-papersYou'll find several good reads here, including a case study on how we generated a 400% ROI for a national direct-to-store delivery company, a fleet tracking platform buyers guide, must-have integrations, and much more. Check out all of our fleet tracking and telematics white papers.




ELD and ELD Video Resources

cyntrx-eld-video-resourcesWe have a lot of great resources on ELD over on the ELD Resources page, including thoughts on how to turn ELD from a cost center into a cost-saver, how to enable automatic updates, ELD exemption letters, and more. You can also head over to our ELD Videos page to view a variety of videos, available in both English and Spanish, of our ELD Pro app in action. These are great tutorials and how-to's for current users, but they're also great if you're looking to make a switch and want to see how easy our ELD app is to use.


Fleet Tracking and Telematics Overview Videos

cyntrx-video-resourcesIf you want to see video overviews on fleet tracking and telematics, and not just the ELD platform in action, be sure and check out our fleet tracking and telematics videos. We have several videos here for your education and enjoyment, including our thoughts on why we say telematics is failing the trucking industry.


Hint: It's because too many companies have telematics platforms that provide little more than dots on a map -- but you can view that video, and others, on the fleet tracking and telematics video page.




Resources for Our Fleet Tracking and Telematics Customers

cyntrx-customer-resourcesWe have a wide variety of resources for our fleet tracking and telematics customers on our customer resources page, including installation guides, preventive maintenance guides, and product guides for things like Xtra, our telematics business intelligence platform, and LinX, our next-generation multi-sensor integrated hardware device. And just like our ELD videos, you needn't be a current customer to check these out and see everything we have to offer as you get your fleet on the road to true fleet tracking and telematics ROI.