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Getting the Picture? Cameras in CMVs

August 8, 2019


Telematics platforms like CyntrX Xtra can provide in-depth business intelligence to fleet managers that powers strong decision-making -- and along the way, help to increase fuel efficiency, reduce accident rates, and generate true ROI. Xtra can do that because it sits on top of an enormous amount of telematics data that’s then parsed into useful information, and as such it’s an indispensable tool for fleet managers and executives. But there’s another type of tool that can also help in the constant effort to maximize fleet efficiency: Cameras.


Connectivity is becoming cheaper and ubiquitous, and at the same time camera technology is improving. Put the two together, and it’s now possible for fleet managers to leverage cameras alongside of telematics to gain an even more comprehensive picture, so to speak, of fleet activities. Here are some of the ways in which cameras, working together with telematics, could prove useful.


Increased Fuel Efficiency


It’s no secret that fuel costs take up an extremely large portion of fleet management costs. It’s also no secret that platforms like CyntrX Xtra make a detailed analysis of those costs possible, down to which drivers are burning more fuel than necessary through excessive idle times and hard braking and cornering behaviors. Occasionally, though, some drivers will push back and dispute the data -- and in these cases, an onboard camera system can be used as a way to  validate the telematics data, affording fleet managers visual proof in their quest to reduce fuel consumption.


Visual Training Aids


Closely related to improving fuel efficiency through improving driver behavior is the ability to leverage high-quality camera images as training aids for all fleet drivers. Imagery and video is easily incorporated into driver training sessions, and can be used both to educate on undesirable driving behaviors as well as to show examples of good driving behaviors that fleet managers will want to reinforce to their drivers. 


Accident / Insurance Claim Validation


As much as we wish it weren’t so, accidents do happen. Driver and witness recollections can be hazy after an accident, and sometimes even contradictory. With an on-board camera system, however, it becomes much easier to demonstrate to insurance companies when fleet drivers were not at fault or otherwise liable for being in an accident. In real terms, that means the fleet manager’s job is easier when it comes to filing a claim -- and also reduces the costs when a driver was involved in an accident and was able to visually prove that it wasn’t their fault. As an added bonus, some insurance providers will offer a discount if your fleet has cameras on board -- check with your provider to see whether they offer any discounts.


Multiple-Angle Coverage


While some camera systems will feature views only of the road and the driver, other systems can optionally be expanded to provide multiple cameras that simultaneously meet a variety of needs. Thus, it’s entirely possible to have cameras not only pointed at the road and driver, but also along the sides of trailers, behind the trailer, and even in the trailer. Infrared cameras are also on the market that “see in the dark,” so to speak. All of these features combine to provide visibility to drivers and fleet managers that might have been possible in the past -- but is now actually feasible in practice.


Telematics and Cameras Working Together: A True 360 View


Cameras can’t replace a complete telematics solution. But working together with a telematics solution, they provide fleet managers with a robust set of tools that’s useful for increasing efficiency, safety, and ROI -- so don’t be afraid to investigate whether cameras might be a value-add for your own fleet. If you want to see for yourself how our Xtra platform works in its own right to provide you ROI-driving business intelligence, feel free to request a demo of the platform and find out how it all works. It’s easy -- just click this button and get started on the road to true telematics ROI:


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