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Learning with Our Interns

August 27, 2019


As summer winds down, we're sending our interns back off to school. They've had an opportunity to learn a lot -- and we've learned a lot from them, too!


Lisa Taisto, CyntrX Vice President and COO, is sad to see them go -- but happy for each as they move on: "One of the most rewarding things I get to do in my role here at CyntrX is hire the college interns. It’s exciting to know we’re making a difference in their lives by either helping them to decide on a career path or getting them more experience in the field they already knew they’d pursue. The interns are truly missed when they return to college in the Fall."


Here's a brief roundup of the crew, and where they're headed next.




"I'm a freshman at the University of Alabama, and I'll be majoring in computer science and mathematics.  After college, I'd like to be working on the latest and greatest in computer science (machine learning, AI) or just the tech industry in general.  Since I'll have so many options available to me once I graduate, I'm not sure yet what I'd exactly like to work on, but I know I'd like to be innovating and discovering new things rather than be a low-level programmer."




"This fall I will be entering my Junior year in the Acting BFA program of UWM. I’m studying a wide variety of performance such as live plays, films, and voice acting. I hope to explore as many different jobs as I can while making a career out of using theatre/film to invoke social change."




"I’m about to attend my third year at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee to study Computer Science. I’m hoping to find a career that involves not only solving technical problems but also some creative thinking along the way. I love combining both creative and technical processes in my daily routine – not just at the workplace but also in my free time."




"I'm entering my third year at Northern Michigan University, studying computer science and Spanish. I'm hoping to get into software development once I graduate."