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Is it Time for Fuel Tax Reporting Services for Your Fleet?

July 9, 2018


Fuel tax reporting services can save carriers time, money, and frustration when it comes time to file quarterly fuel taxes. Curious how fuel tax reporting services can benefit your fleet? Let’s take a look.


IFTA Compliance

Any carrier who is a licensed member of the International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA) must file a quarterly fuel tax report. Before the implementation of the ELD mandate, drivers kept records of their travel via paper logbooks. Not only was this method inefficient and time-consuming, but it also left a great deal of room for error. Tracking tax-relevant data is no easy task, and when errors inevitably occur, carriers end up facing hefty fines. Fortunately, telematics offers a solution to the issue of inaccurate record keeping. Automated fuel tax reporting keeps your fleets IFTA compliant without the hassle of extensive paperwork.


GPS Tracking Tools

The ELD mandate requires drivers to use an electronic logging device to track hours of service, but the device also tracks mileage. Through the use of GPS, a fleet tracking platform keeps accurate records of all miles driven across varying IFTA jurisdictions. Because these records are required when filing quarterly fuel taxes, the process is greatly simplified. No longer will your drivers be required to keep manual records of each trip. This feature saves both time and money by keeping drivers on the road instead of pouring over logbooks.


Integrated Tax Reporting Solutions

Automating fuel tax reporting couldn’t be easier or more efficient – especially if your fleet tracking platform allows for powerful integrations with fuel card programs. WEX is a popular example of this type of integration. With these integrations, relevant tax data that carriers must report during each quarterly filing can be recorded automatically. Benefits of integrating these systems include:

  • Automatically tracking distance traveled through each jurisdiction
  • Tracking of fuel purchased by jurisdiction with an integrated fuel card 
  • Tracking of tax-paid fuel purchased with an integrated fuel card
  • Ability to import fuel card and receipt data for accurate record keeping when purchased with an integrated fuel card
  • Reduction of audit risk

Fleet tracking software keeps more accurate records of driver metrics by reducing or eliminating manual data entry. This saves drivers and carriers the hassle of extensive paperwork, thereby reducing the likelihood of audits. Both efficient and cost-effective, integrated fleet tracking and fuel tax reporting services are a smart choice for any fleet.


Fleet Management Solutions From CyntrX

Between IFTA compliance and the ELD mandate, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s where fleet management solutions from CyntrX come in. Regardless of the metrics you need to track, we’ve got you covered. From remote diagnostics to integrated fuel tax solutions, our products deliver the reliability and accuracy you need. If you’d like to learn more, request a demo of our platform today.


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