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Remote Diagnostics: What Is It? Does Your Fleet Need It?

May 7, 2018



Remote diagnostics is a valuable tool for increasing the efficiency of your fleet. Whether your trucks are on the road or in the shop, you’ll know exactly what is impacting your bottom line. While capabilities of diagnostic systems vary, they all perform the same basic function: keeping you informed about the condition of your fleet. So, what exactly does remote diagnostic technology do and why is it gaining popularity? Read on to see how remote diagnostics can help your fleet perform better.


What Is Remote Diagnostics?


A remote diagnostics system uses telematics technology to communicate information about the condition of fleet vehicles. Before the integration of telematics, vehicles simply failed and were towed to the nearest shop. There, they were diagnosed and repaired, and then returned to the road. Modern day technology, however, allows fleet owners to monitor vehicle health and tend to issues before they result in lengthy and costly repairs. Remote diagnostics helps fleet owners by:

  •          Performing vehicle health reports
  •          Monitoring vehicle fault codes
  •          Generating notifications



Making Informed Decisions With Remote Diagnostics


Knowledge is power, and remote diagnostics gives you the power to make more informed decisions. Not only does this increase the efficiency of your fleet, it also helps you determine where to allocate your resources. Even if your fleet operates over a wide geographic area, using remote diagnostics in combination with GPS tracking, you can easily locate your vehicles and monitor how they are performing.


Increased Efficiency


The efficiency of your fleet determines how profitable it is, and when the goal is to improve performance, everything counts. With remote diagnostics, increasing the efficiency of your fleet has never been easier. When you know a vehicle needs service — even before it malfunctions — you can send it to be repaired rather than send it out on the road. Remote diagnostics, used in conjunction with a telematics system, also allows you to monitor metrics like acceleration, speed limit adherence, and gear usage. Using these tools, you can coach your fleet to smoother driving, improved performance, and greater profitability.


The Case for Remote Diagnostics


Tracking data generated through the use of a remote diagnostic system is useful for any fleet. Because it allows fleet owners to improve maintenance schedules and increase fuel efficiency, it positively impacts profits. As any business owner knows: it’s all about the bottom line. Whether your vehicles are frequently down or sitting in traffic for hours, remote diagnostics can help you find a solution.


Fleet Tracking from CyntrX


If you’re considering a fleet management solution, CyntrX has the product you need to get the job done right. We offer integrated, industry-compliant management solutions, personalized support, and decades of industry experience. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call at 920-338-0479, or you can message us at care@cyntrx.com.


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