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fleet tracking

Keeping It Simple: Bare-Bones Fleet Tracking

May 1, 2018



Maybe you’re not looking for a fully-integrated system that transforms your transport business by integrating with “big data” or a thousand other buzzwords.


Maybe you just want to know where your fleet is and what your drivers are up to during the workday.


The great thing about modern GPS fleet tracking: There’s a solution for every type of user. Yes, the basic benefits of fleet tracking are available in a simple package for a minimal investment.


Here’s how to find the right fleet tracking solution for your business.

Start at the Bottom


In choosing software-based tools, it’s important to identify your pain points — and then stay focused on resolving those problems.


The classic temptation is to fall in love with a feature-packed solution, then going on a hunt to find problems to solve with it. Often, those problems tend to be exaggerated (or even invented) just for a chance to use the cool tool. Sometimes, this is called “looking for trouble.”



Before you search for a tracking solution, ask yourself what’s currently most important in managing your fleet. What’s the real headache? Before you go shopping, drill down until you find the core problem.


Often, it’s as simple as being able to tell a vehicle’s location at any specific time. Maybe the simple problem lies in vehicles going outside of a route boundary, or following the wrong route, or in spending too much time not moving at all.


Move to the Top


Once you have the problem well-defined, it’s a lot easier to find a solution.


Basic fleet tracking should give a quick and easy view of the location of every vehicle in the fleet. It should allow an easy way to check on each vehicle’s previous location — where it was and when it was there. It should tell you if the vehicle is moving, and if so, how fast. It should have a provision for an alarm to warn you when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific area.


That’s the essence of basic GPS fleet tracking.


If all you need is to know is where your fleet is and where it’s going, then concentrate on easy and intuitive access to that basic information and get the fundamental benefits of fleet tracking working for you.


CyntrX Keeps It Simple


CyntrX offers a simple solution for fleet tracking. We know how to help you get to the core problem of managing your fleet and how to use technology to make your job easier. If you’re looking for a simple solution to GPS fleet tracking, request your demo today.


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